Cairo Holiday Packages

Our holiday packages to Cairo, Egypt, make exploring this extraordinary, historically significant city simple. Enjoy the flexibility of our customisable and affordable flight hotel package deals. Our single-window booking system allows you to make all your arrangements seamlessly. Look forward to your next holiday package to Cairo with Nasholidays. Read on for more on what to see and do.

Before travelling to Cairo

Cairo top attractions
Cairo historical sightseeing
Cairo top events
Cairo top shopping experiences
Cairo weather
Cairo transportation

Cairo top attractions

Cairo’s main travel package attractions are, of course, its historical landmarks. Let’s start with some of the less obvious things to do in Cairo that may surprise you.

The Dream Park

This theme park has exciting attractions for both children and adults. Also, enjoy some great eats at the venue. If your holiday packages include kids, this one is essential.

Al-Azhar Park

This park comes as something completely different in Cairo. If you’re the type who enjoys relaxing in nature, Al-Azhar Park will be an oasis for you. Experience scenic gardens and greenery over 30 hectares of land.

Fine cuisine

Cairo is home to several fabulous, vibey cafes, restaurants, and other eateries. Whether you crave authentic Eqyptian, French, Lebanese, or North African food, you'll satisfy your tastebuds in Cairo.

Camel riding

Camel riding is a travel package essential for Egypt. It’s rated as one of the top tourist activities in the area. This activity can be uncomfortable in the hot summer months, however. Before booking, also check the camels are properly looked after.

Cairo historical sightseeing

Visiting the gems of Cairo and ancient Egypt is surely the highlight of any holiday packages here. Read on for our top places to see.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

You can’t visit Egypt without stopping at the iconic pyramids. Hop in a taxi to Cairo’s oldest and tallest one, the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Egyptian Museum

Considered one of the world’s best, The Egyptian Museum in Cairo houses a variety of the oldest, most fascinating artefacts. See unmatched exhibits and displays from the ancient world. Add this one to your travel package immediately.

Pharaonic Village

To get a real sense of ancient Egyptian culture, go to the Pharaonic Village. It’s an educational and entertaining activity the whole family will love. It's an educational and entertaining activity the whole family will love—experience a tour and boat trip through a reimagined ancient Egypt, complete with costumed actors.

Al-Azhar Mosque

A visit to the beautiful minarets of al-Azhar Mosque in the historic Islamic centre of Cairo is a travel package essential. The mosque dates back to around 970 and was also - and still is - run as a university, making it the second oldest worldwide.

Cairo top events

Cairo is full of exciting events. If you’re looking for exciting holiday packages, consider the following.

Downtown Contemporary Art Festival

This international modern art event lasts for around three weeks during March and April at multiple locations in downtown Cairo. Known as D-CAF in pop culture, the festival features art, music, theatre, dance, film, and literature.

Cairo Jazz Festival

Jazz lovers will enjoy this travel package event. Experience contemporary jazz artists at their best against the setting of this historical city.

Cairo Bites

Are you a food fanatic? Cairo Bites needs to make it onto your flight hotel package list! The two-day food extravaganza draws almost 100 exhibitors, including celebrity chefs, from restaurants all over Egypt. Experience the best of the country’s cuisine.

Cairo Fashion Festival

The fashion festival is an exciting event for anyone who loves great clothing. The renowned event brings together over 4000 exhibitors showing off the best that local and international fashion has to offer. It’s a melting pot of labels, brands, designers, textiles, clothing, cosmetics, accessories, and more.

Cairo top shopping experiences

Your holiday packages would only be complete with visits to Cairo's best markets, bazaars, and malls. We love the following spots:

Khan el-Khalili

This famous souq and bazaar in Cairo’s historic centre has been around since the Mamluk era. The site is named after one of its many historic caravanserais. The bazaar is one of Cairo’s top shopping and sightseeing destinations. See all manner of arts, crafts, and souvenirs.

The Street of the Tentmakers

This site is a genuine Cairo marketplace known for its applique panels. Wander down the site’s many narrow streets packed with local shops as part of your travel package. The street is a hive of activity thanks to a thriving local and international market.

Downtown Cairo

For a more contemporary experience, visit Downtown Cairo. Find famous eateries and international brands, and a wide range of gorgeous shoes. The area is most vibey after dark.

Cairo Festival City Mall

Holiday packages aren’t the same without visiting the Cairo Festival City Mall (CFCM). With more than 300 shops, 95 dining outlets, and a gorgeous outdoor zone, you won’t be bored! Shop Egypt's only IKEA and other top stores like Carrefour hypermarket, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, and others.

City Stars Mall

The City Stars Mall is one of your top travel package shopping options for items other than antiques and souvenirs. It’s a well-maintained, spacious centre. Browse many brands, dine at great restaurants or see a film at the cinema.

Cairo weather

Cairo has a dry, desert climate. It’s typically warm or hot, but the nights can get quite cool. Average summer temperatures are around 35°C (95°F). The winter months (November to April) make your travel package visit more comfortable.

Cairo transportation

Cairo is a busy city, but plenty of public transport is available on your travel package. Consider the following:

Trains, subway, and trams

Trains run extensively between Cairo and its neighbouring cities. You can also hop on the subway or a tram to get around town.


There are private minibuses and larger Cairo Transport Authority buses available. Bus lines reach all over the city; thus, buses are the main transportation in Cairo.

Car and taxi

Cairo has "white taxis" run by private individuals, but these have become less popular lately. People now prefer to use taxi transport applications. There is sometimes tension between these operators, so if you want to get around by car, it is best to hire one.


What are Cairo’s visa requirements?
Most people travelling to Egypt on a travel package need a valid tourism visa. Find out more at thevisa portal.
What are Cairo’s vaccination requirements?
People vaccinated against Covid-19 do not have to test when entering Egypt. It is best to check updated vaccination requirements before you travel.